Employee recognition is so important. There are lots of companies who do not to do this. These companies are missing out. The more your employees are recognized, the more they will want to stay on board.

Still not convinced?

It’s okay. It takes more than this to convince employers to recognize their employees hard work and value. Here are a few more reasons to do it.


You will have a reduce turnover rate. One company I worked for in the past had the worst turnover rate ever. People kept leaving, especially the good people. The bosses didn’t seem to care. They also didn’t care about recognizing their employees in a good way. This caused the good people(including myself)to walk away.

Bottom line: You need to recognize your co-workers. You can recognize them via Deal Toys or whole Employee Recognition Programs & Services. If you really want to keep them on board, recognize them. Give your associates a reason to stay. Otherwise, the good ones will bail on you. Do you really want this to happen?recognising is very important


Would you stay in abusive relationship? Would you stay with someone who blows you off constantly, making it all about them? Same goes for your team morale at work. When the environment is happier and healthier at work, your co-workers will stay with you.

I am talking about genuine concern for your co-workers. I am not talking about being fake. Your co-workers can spot this a mile away.


This goes along with the above two. If your company is a healthy and happy place, your associates will work harder. Your associates will look forward to coming to work. This is a big deal for many people.

I knew someone who got so sick from what was happening at work, he had to leave the company. The company did not seem to care. It’s in your best interest to not behave this way.


Show support for your co-workers. Congratulate them on a job well done. If you validate your associates work in a meaningful way, this will encourage them to go the extra mile.

The next time there is a big project, your co-workers will not putting in the extra hours. They will do it knowing they are appreciated. I am talking about more than just the money appreciation. It’s one thing to give a bonus. It’s another thing to really go up and show a genuine interest in their work.

Just think about it. Doing these three things will make a huge impact. Sometimes it’s not what you say, it’s what you don’t say that says it all.