Consider this part two of the social media aspect of selling. When we last spoke, we discussed things like Facebook and Pinterest. Today we will be talking about something called Instagram. This is the social feed where people post all those selfies and such. It turns out this social channel can be used for a very good purpose.

Are you a cleaning business? You can use this channel to advertise. Show pictures of the homes you have done. This is a great way for people to visually see who you are, not just read the content.

post on instagram your product

Do you have a Christmas tree you want people to buy? Post the picture. Tweet about it on Twitter. This is a great way to get more exposure. You can post pictures of Christmas cookies and other cool things. This is the perfect way for the company to sell from a different angle.

Companies can sell on Instagram without even making a sell. How cool is that?


Twitter is another big deal for most people. Everyone from celebrities to average people tweet these days. A friend of mine went out and bought a Christmas tree the other day. She was so excited. She got home and tweeted about it. She posted the picture and she got hundreds of responses. Everyone wanted to know where she got the tree.

She actually got the fake tree from a department store a few miles from her home. After seeing the tweets, all her friends went out and bought one. This department store was sold out in a matter of minutes.

The tweets blew up. Everything blew up. It all happened because of this one fake tree. I even wanted to know where she got it. This is how powerful Twitter is.twitter-852636_1280

There was one neighbor that bought this incredible light show for his house. All my friends wanted to know where he got them. This light show is incredible. You have not seen anything like this. In fact, it puts all the others to shame.

I told my neighbor to Tweet about it, even though it’s not really his thing. He did it. The responses were incredible. He told everyone to go to this one store. The store was sold out fast. The store actually had to order more, all due to the popular demand.

The demand would not have been so big had he not tweeted about it. This is how big this thing is.

If you are to shy to do this, ask a friend to help out. There are plenty of people who willing to shamelessly plug something, especially if it means more money in the bank.

Talk to your bosses at work about this. This is a great way for your company to capitalize on the attention. Have someone from within the company post on Twitter specifically. It will work for you.

Have you done this already? Share your experiences right here at this link. I am sure the company will love the exposure. The more you share your experiences with this, the more your company will increase their sales.