Social media shopping hit an all-time last year. Some of the biggest retailers hit over $3 billion in sales. This went up considerably from 2013. This is all because these companies are using social media to help them out. You can too, even if your business is just a small one.

I will show you exactly how you can achieve this goal too. Read on further.


Facebook is a gold mine for most people. I don’t know many who do not check their Facebook feeds every day. In fact, I know people who spend most of their day on Facebook. It’s that addicting.

Why not use this addiction to your own benefit? Here’s how.

Do you have a product for the holidays you want to specifically advertise? Take a snapshot and post it. Advertise all the info about it. Post this picture in the social feeds for your company. There is usually one or two that are active 24/7. Post it there.

The right audience will find it. The right audience will like it. The right audience will click on it to find out more. Those people will end up buying it too. These buyers will post their purchase online to show their friends. This is how Facebook works.

More people will want to find out more. People are addicted to social media these days. Some use it as a platform for gratification. Some use it as a platform of sharing knowledge. Wherever your business interests lie, use Facebook feeds to sell it.


This is another common social thread that people use. I personally do not use it. I tried it once. Did not like it very much. You might feel different. I actually encourage you to use it. The company that you bought it from will thank you. Here’s why.

You can use it sort of like Facebook, but it takes it to the next level. Have a favorite dress you just bought for the holidays? Take a picture. Post it. Show how cute you look. Share it with your friends and other people on your feed. There are going to be people wondering where you got it. This is what you want. Share the details of your purchase.

I can guarantee that the company you got it from will see sales through the roof. This is what a company wants during the holidays.

You can use it for anything really. The company can even advertise their own stuff. This part is for any business out there. Do not be shy right now. Sell your stuff. In the right time and place your product will fly off the shelves. Pinterest is perfect for both the buyer and seller. Use it. You both will thank me for this later.